Driving Africa forward through leading edge technology and timeless standards of engineering excellence

The Locomotives Business is equipped to build, overhaul, upgrade and maintain diesel-electric and electric locomotives (AC and DC) for a variety of track gauges.

Transnet Engineering’s high-end overhauling and re manufacturing processes results in units with greatly extended lives, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new unit.

The Locomotives Business also undertakes both general and minor overhauls for a range of locomotive classes, including: 6E1, 8E, 10E, and 18E, amongst others.


While the Locomotives Business has a long history of assembling locomotives in partnership with various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Transnet Engineering is also an original equipment manufacturer of the Trans Africa Locomotive (TAL). The purpose-built locomotive is an African first that is designed and built in Africa, by Africans, specifically for African needs and conditions.

Transnet Engineering is Sub-Saharan Africa’s leading supplier of alternating current (AC), direct current (DC), diesel, and diesel-electric locomotives, and continues to hold its position in the driver’s seat of locomotive design and manufacturing across Africa. In addition to manufacturing locomotives, it also upgrades, remanufactures and maintains existing fleets.

The Locomotives Business manufactures over four hundred (400) locomotives of varying types each year, including remanufacturing brand new locomotives.

It also maintains over two thousand five hundred (2 500) locomotives at sixteen (16) major maintenance sites around South Africa, providing its customers with a reliable, safe and readily available source of service and repair.