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Transnet Engineering’s Wagons Business has been the backbone of Africa’s freight networks for decades, having transported tons of product for the coal, iron ore and petroleum industries, among others.

Transnet Engineering’s Wagons Business keeps freight moving from supplier to client across a broad range of key economic sectors in Africa. While the bulk of its business has long been the provision of thousands of wagons to the coal, iron ore, manganese and general freight industries, it has long since diversified to include the manufacture and maintenance of wagons for fuel, chemicals, automobiles and agricultural products.

The Wagons Business leads the supply of rolling stock to numerous heavy haul industries around the continent. It manufactures four thousand five hundred (4 500) new wagons per year and maintains a fleet of seventy five thousand (75 000). The flagship products of the Wagons Business are its CCR, CCL, CHR1 coal wagons, CR14 Iron Ore Wagons and CR 19 Manganese Wagons. Built from 3CR12 corrosion-resistant steel, these wagons have an extended lifespan of more than twenty (20) years.

They are carried by self-steering HS type bogies suited to both increased speeds and stable conditions. The business’ capacities also extend far beyond just coal and ore carriers. Fuel and chemical tankers, car carriers and various intermodal wagons are all supplied by this industrious business. It operates an extensive network of factories and depots, offering easily available services to customers around the country where wagons are built, overhauled, converted, upgraded and reconditioned. The business takes a proactive approach to product development, anticipating client needs and developing innovative new wagons to suit their specific operating conditions.

Among the pioneering achievements of the business is its first seventy four thousand (74 000) liter ammonia tanker wagon, as well as its development of a revolutionary all-aluminum tanker wagon, which allows for a heavier payload. The Wagons Business’ products have established themselves as the mainstay of heavy haul in Africa and Europe.

Customers have come to recognize the business as a provider of quality, cost-effective and innovative rolling stock. The Wagons Business supplies components to clients in numerous African countries and, being based at Transnet Engineering’s Uitenhage and Durban harbour-side factories, is in an excellent position to export its products to the international market.