Maintenance & Services

Engineering precision and service excellence to keep Africa’s trains moving.

Transnet Engineering’s Maintenance and Services Business deals with the maintenance of all rolling stock locomotives, and freight wagons, port equipment, plant equipment and machinery, as well as the remanufacturing of rolling components, such as wheels, traction motors, engines, compressors and exhausters through its Centres of Excellence (COE) located in the main rail corridors.

The main products and services of the business is executed through four (4) departments: locomotive maintenance, freight wagon maintenance, plant equipment and machinery maintenance, rotating machines component maintenance, and rolling stock wheel maintenance. The business has a broad footprint in the country, with 16 locomotives main depots where the out-of-service maintenance is conducted, and 29 in-service maintenance yards where train inspections are conducted. Freight Wagon maintenance is conducted in 15 major and 5 minor out-of-service depots, and 78 depots for in-service maintenance.

Complete and adaptive maintenance offerings for all rolling stock.

The remanufacturing of rotating machines components is undertaken in three (3) Centres of Excellence (COE), based in Salt River, Pretoria and Durban. The rolling stock wheel maintenance is conducted in 8 sites across South Africa. This footprint allows the business to be much closer to the main customer’s areas of operations, thus ensuring a quicker response time to customer requirements. Maintenance and Services Business is progressively involved in Port Equipment Maintenance such as straddle carriers and Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTGs) cranes. Port Equipment Maintenance is a new growth area for the business. The strategy is to provide this new service to other Ports in the African continent and beyond.

While Transnet Engineering as a whole is a customer-focused organisation, the Maintenance and Service Business is the most intensively customer-facing of the organisation. Dealing on a daily basis with Transnet Engineering’s many long-term clients, this business really brings Transnet Engineering’s customer-centred culture to the fore. With a dedication to precision and exceeding the needs of the client every time, the business goes out of its way, not merely to return components to their previous operating state, but to actually improve them and extend their lifespan.